JigBuilder is a web app that allows you to import the original drawings of the vehicle chassis/frame with the relevant measurements of the fundamental points (coordinates x, y, z) and compare them with those obtained from the jig with the universal jig.

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What is JigBuilder?

JigBuilder is a simple application that guides the user in the jig’s construction at each point of the car. The program includes all the universal jigs available on the market.
Once the the jig construction is enterered and the jig coordinates obtained, the program calculates and displays the differences compared to the original dimensions, highlighting the tolerable ones in green and the intolerable ones in red.

The JigBuilder solution

The specific drawings made by the vehicle template manufacturers are usually available long after the release of new vehicle models or are completely missing, while the original ones are easily available on the market.

JigBuilder allows you to use the original drawings of the car manufacturers and convert them on the car bench as an alternative to the usual use of the specific drawings of the universal jig manufacturers.

The advantages of JigBuilder


The program is extremely simple and intuitive; anyone in possession of a universal jig can use it, even without special training or experience and without the need for calculations.


JigBuilder allows you to certify the state of the jigged vehicle by using original data as a comparison and therefore not contestable by the manufacturers; until now this prerogative was reserved only for electronic measuring systems.


The insertion of the dimensions from the original drawings of a specific vehicle is required only once; it is no longer necessary to repeat it for subsequent repairs of the same model.


JigBuilder does not need to be installed, it is a Web based application that can be accessed simply by entering a username and password.

Freedom of work

JigBuilder releases the user from the restrictions and timescales associated with  the supply of specific designs by the manufacturers of the universal jig, these jigs are often completely missing or only available long after the release of new vehicle models.

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